The Bedrooms


Plum new decoration
plum cushions square
Plum lamp square
Plum dressing table small
Plum sink

The Duck 


Ashley House Guest Room 2 Main
Ashley House Guest Room 2 Door
Ashley House Guest Room 2 Bedding
Ashley House Guest Room 2 Chair
Ashley House Guest Room 2 Mirror

The Tub 


The tub large square
Ashley House Guest Room 4 Taps
Room 4 the tub
Bathe square
The tub ted

The Book Room 


Book room large square
Room 5 cushions
Room 5 lamp
Room 5 pillows
Ashley House Guest Room 5 Books

The Digs 

The digs large square
The digs small square room
the digs small square 2 (2)
the digs small square 4 (3)
the digs small square 3 (3)

What about me?...Where am I sleeping?...

Lulu what about me (3)
Dog bed
Lulu and the dog toy (2)
Homemade dog biscuits
Luna sleeping

All the bedrooms (the ones for humans!) are ensuite except the Tub which has the gorgeous roll top bath in the bedroom and a separate loo next door.

Plum and Duck are on the first floor and The Book Room and The Tub are on the second floor. The Digs is in the basement. Haven't managed to install an elevator yet - sorry!!

Plum and Duck have king sized beds. The Book Room and The Digs have double sized beds. The Tub has 2 single beds.

The doggie bed comes with a fresh fleece bed cover, new toy and a jar of Ella's homemade dog treats.

Take your pick !! 'Which one will you choose?"